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It´s a big rock in a stream,It´s taken on “Laxtrapppan” in the city of Norrköping,Sweden,It´s taken by Emil Hansson.

It´s taken laying on a bridge and taken of the stream,Its taken on “Laxtrappan” in Norrköping,Sweden,It`s taken by Emil Hansson

It´s a picture of a bridge in Norrköping, taken in a park.Photographer: Emil Hansson

What: It isn’t the rushing hour yet in the middle of the city of Linköping, but it is in an hour or two.
Where: (it’s written in the “What” section).
Who: Nicolas Dagsson

Picture taken right outside of a resturant at Kolmården zoo park Sweden. Photographer: Vladimir Broman.

This picture is taken at the lake named “Lillsjön” in Norrköping. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit by
the lake with friends and family and watch the sun go down in the evning. Some days it feels like the sun will be up all night.
Picture taken by Nellie Rosén

Typical Swedish landscape, sunny clear weather in downtown small village Finspång. Photo taken by: Love Klavestrand

This is a very nice and cozy park in the middle of the city, and it is a really beautiful park close to the city in Norrkoping and this photo is taken by Tuva Albert.

this in skarblacka outside of norrkoping photo by alexandra petersen

Photo taken by Fannie Ahrend Nyhlén.

Photo taken by Elin Björnelf

Photo taken by Elin Björnelf

Photo taken by Elin Björnelf


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